Properties Research of 150 ℃-resistant Structural Adhesive on Solar Wing Substrate

1.Beijing Institute of Space Mechanics & Electricity,Beijing 100094;2.Faculty of Materials and Manufacturing,Beijing University of Technology,Beijing 100124

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    This paper introduced a 150 ℃ high-temperature-resistant adhesive J-159 for the core bonding of solar wing substrates and focused on its mechanical properties, vacuum volatility and radiation resistance. At the same time, typical test pieces were prepared and the thermal vaccum cycle tests were carried out. The results show that the retention rate of various mechanical properties of J-159 adhesive at 150 ℃ is more than 56%, which is much higher than the commonly used J-47 adhesive, and has good temperature resistance. At the same time, the vacuum volatility and the resistance to charged particle irradiation meet the requirements of spacecraft space application. After the thermal vaccum cycle test from -105 to +150 ℃, the prepared typical substrates have qualified appearance quality, bonding quality and other performance indicators, which meet the use requirements of the satellite solar wing substrate to withstand the space environment at 150 ℃ and below.

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  • Received:June 20,2021
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