Effect of Surface Modification on the Bonding Performance of Flexible PI Composites

Beijing Spacecrafts,Beijing 100094

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    In this paper, flexible composite for deep space exploration was prepared using PI film and PI woven cloth, the effect of surface modification of PI film and PI woven on the bonding properties of the flexible composites was evaluated. Before and after surface modification,PI film and PI woven cloth were adhered by silicone rubber adhesive to prepare flexible composites. The bonding properties of flexible composites with different surface treatments were studied and the morphology of the peeling surface were analyzed.The results showed that the T-peel strength of the flexible PI film/woven composites was significantly increased after the surface modification. The T-peel strength of the composite,which consisted of unmodified PI film/woven, was 8.9 N/cm. In case of that the PI film was independently modified, the PI film and PI woven were simultaneously modified, the T-peel strength increased to 11.7 N/cm and 12.8 N/cm, which was enhanced by 31.5% and 43.8%, respectively. This research has indicated that the surface treatment of PI film and PI woven cloth could significantly improve the adhesive properties of the flexible composite.

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  • Received:May 30,2021
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