A Kind of Integration Materials of Light Ablative and Structure

Aerospace Research Institute of Materials & Processing Technology,Beijing 100076

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    The integration of light ablative structure material is investigated based on the thermal protection demand of some products. The heat treatment technology and pre-cure degree of the perform of integration of light ablative structure material (which is named material A) are researched and the prior heat treatment temperature and time are determined. The tensile properties and thermal physical properties of the mid-low density glass plastic ablative structure material (which is named material B) which is the mold of material A are tested and the ablation performance is studied by arc-heated wind tunnel test. The density for longitudinal distribution of material B after ablation is investigated. It is shown that the tensile strength and fracture elongation rate of material B is increased by adding treating agent. The interface bonding strength of the components of the material B is enhanced effectively. The thermal diffusion coefficient of material B is lower than that of material C which has been applied for some products,showing that the insulation performance of material B is better. The surface of carbon layer forming with ablation is integrity and compact with mid-high heat flow arc-heated wind tunnel test. The line recession rate is more, the mass loss rate is less and back wall temperature is lower than those of material C. Material B has better ablation-insulation performances.

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  • Received:May 27,2021
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